Lady In Red Project

Getting images in print can be so amazing.  I knew this was a great picture when I took it, but when I picked it up from the printer my jaw dropped.  Such amazing detail!  I can't wait to get it on the wall!

Feb 2019 I planned this quick trip to photograph otters and beavers in Yellowstone's Lamar River Valley.  And I didn't see a single one, but I DID have my most amazing experiences to date with red foxes!

Fox had been on my bucket list for quite awhile and I lucked out on this trip!  It was a really quick three day trip and each day I had great photo ops.

I plan to keep this lady for myself, but if you're interested in having her for yourself send me a note at

I like to keep my frames simple to keep the focus on the image.  Added just a small accent to this one.

I like to keep my frames simple to keep the focus on the image. Added just a small accent to this one.

I passed her as she trotted along the side of the road headed.  I pulled into a rest area and stood by my car.  She was super savvy about vehicles and checked the road for cars, then made her way around the parking area sniffing and marking.  She could see me standing there, but I never stepped away from the vehicle and so she never felt like she had to change her routine because of me.

Safety Savvy Vixen

I don't know how much I'm anthropomorphizing, but I swear she paused to check for cars before she crossed the road.

I'm just waiting on the glass from my print shop and she'll be finished.

I printed this picture with School Street Framing using archival quality paper.  School Street also provides the anti-UV glass.  Then I bring it all home, build up the frame and use acid-neutral mat board to put it all together.  I've always used a gray wash for the frame, but I recently repaired some trim around my house and noticed the stain would be a perfect compliment!  

If you're interested, Lady In Red is for sale for $350 including shipping in North America.  Send me an e-mail and we can work things out!

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